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Company Culture

37 years of writing my own style, from Tongcheng to the world

Logo Design Ideas

The Chinese character "Xiazhen" in the Xiazhen trademark pattern is not only the main name of the company, but also contains special meanings: "Xia" represents the morning glow, like a colorful red sun rising from the east, implying oriental elements, Chinese elements; "Zhen" represents preciousness, implying that the products are carefully crafted and precious. The comprehensive interpretation of "Xiazhen" symbolizes vigor and vitality, rising like the sun, and marketing all over the world. It means that Xiazhen's down industry is a sunrise industry, full of vigor and vitality. With the take-off of China's economy, it is going to the world at a steady pace, and the future development road is full of sunshine and brilliance.

The graphics in the Xiazhen trademark pattern are appropriately deformed and recombined with a Chinese pinyin letter "X" and "Z" of the word "Xiazhen", and evolved into an abstract image of a large white goose: a large white goose with abundant wings is in the waves. The scales of the water are swimming with their heads held high. Subdivided into a single element, it consists of several large white goose down buds. The velvet buds are large and white in color, highlighting the characteristics of the industry, giving people a visual impact, symbolizing health, purity, and having a strong sense of dynamism.

The elegant figure of the white goose, with a calm demeanor, spreads its wings like combing its feathers happily, and seems to be ready to fly. Become the industry leader, revitalize the down industry, fly to Asia, fly to the world! This is also the goal of Xiazhen people: Chinese core, world dream!


Colorful Logo Creative Illustration


Down|Home Textile|Xiazhen Down It is going back to comb its feathers, and the soft feathers ripple in the breeze;
It is like a maiden covered under warm feathers;
The image of the entire logo will be dynamically integrated and humanized, directly related to the business nature of the enterprise;
The application of color makes the whole logo more international.
Enterprise spirit: unity, hard work, transcendence, innovation
Enterprise core concept: Pursue excellence with innovation and serve the public with technology
Enterprise goal: China chip world dream
Talent Strategy: Take Virtue as a Prophet, Make Good Use of People, and Make the Best of Their Talents
Enterprise planning: Groupization, Internationalization, Brandization, Shareholding


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Xiazhen Group has been going all the way for 37 years. He used 37 years to write his own style, from Tongcheng to the world, and today's return to...

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