Social Responsibility Report (2019)

Social Responsibility Report (2019)

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(Summary description)

Social Responsibility Report (2019)

(Summary description)

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Anhui Xiazhen Down Co., Ltd.

social responsibility Report


February 10, 2020  

About this report

This report is the social responsibility report of Anhui Xiazhen Down Co., Ltd. in 2019. The report discloses the company's policies, management, actions and performance in sustainable development, social responsibility fulfillment, and environmental protection.

time limit

The time span of this report is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. In order to improve the completeness of the report, some data exceeds the above range.

release cycle

This report is an annual report.

Data Sources

The usage data comes from the company's official reports and statistical reports.

1. Company Profile

Anhui Xiazhen Down and Down Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, and has now developed into an integration of feather down deep processing, research and development, production, self-support import and export and quilting products.

modern company.

The company has successively won "Meritorious Enterprise in China's Down Industry", "Top Ten Brands of China's Down Quilts", "Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises in China's Down Industry", "China Down Double-A Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "China Quality Management Award" Enterprise, "Executive Director Unit of China Down and Down Association", "Top 50 Anhui E-commerce", "Provincially Recognized Excellent Technology Center", "Product Quality Inspection-Exempt Enterprise", "Customs AA-level Enterprise", "Bank Credit Rating AA", "Anhui Province" Provincial Tourism Commodity Production Demonstration Enterprise", "Top Ten Environmental Protection Innovation Enterprises", "Safety Production Standardization Enterprise", "Anhui E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise", "Advanced Unit of Import and Export Quality Management", "China's Down Industry Major Country Craftsman Brand", "National Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Enterprise", "Safety Production Standardization Three-level Enterprise" and other honorary titles.

"Xiazhen" trademark was recognized as "China Famous Brand" in January 2010, and its series of products have successively obtained "China Down Credit Guarantee Mark", "China Ecological Fiber Product Mark", "China High-end Down", "Provincial Famous Brand Product" ”, “Provincial Famous Brand Export Products”, and “Provincial Famous Brand Agricultural Products”, and have registered overseas trademarks in 16 countries and regions including Hong Kong, the United States, Canada and Spain. The company took the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, Swiss textile oeko-tex-100 certification, BSCI certification, DOWNPASS certification, GOTS certification, US federal production, disinfection certification, "Down and Down Credit Guarantee Mark", "Ecological fiber product mark" and other system certifications and product certifications, and have 34 national patent products such as "Comfortable Pillow Mattress", "Health Pillow" and "Down Pajamas".

The company has 488 employees and more than 20 production lines for down products, with an annual output of

The company actively organizes employees to carry out "green and low-carbon activities", enhances employees' awareness of green environmental protection, advocates water and electricity saving for all employees, and implements the practice of turning off lights when people walk away. In the selection of various office equipment, we insist on selecting energy-saving and emission-reducing equipment with low energy consumption, actively promote paperless office, and implement waste paper reuse. The company strives to build a harmonious situation in which development speed is unified with quality and efficiency, and economic development is coordinated with resources and environment, and has made due contributions to building an environment-friendly and resource-saving society.

The company actively undertakes environmental responsibilities, and entrusts Shandong Quality and Technology Review and Evaluation Center Co., Ltd. to verify the company's greenhouse gas emissions within the factory boundary in 2019. The verification results show that the greenhouse gas emissions within the factory boundary in 2019 are 244 tons of CO2e.

Our company actively conducts product carbon footprint evaluation. Its carbon footprint accounting is the basis and key to our company's low-carbon and green development. Disclosing the carbon footprint of our products is part of our company's environmental protection work and social responsibility, and it is also a part of our company's internationalization. An important step for the market. According to the life cycle assessment method, using PAS2050 "Specifications for Greenhouse Gas Emission Evaluation of Commodities and Services in the Declaration Period", Shandong Quality Technology Review and Evaluation Center Co., Ltd. is entrusted to conduct carbon footprint accounting and evaluation of the company's main products, down pillows and duvets. The calculation result shows:

The greenhouse gas emission per unit product of the down pillow is 1.2896 kgCO2e/piece;

The greenhouse gas emission per unit of duvet is 7.5729 kgCO2e/piece.

According to the results of greenhouse gas emissions within the factory boundary and the results of product carbon footprint accounting, we formulate greenhouse gas emission control measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Protection of rights and interests of suppliers, customers and consumers

The company adheres to the principles of integrity, mutual benefit, and equal consultation, strictly implements the contract, establishes and maintains a good relationship with partners, creates a communication platform, complements each other's advantages, and builds a win-win situation.

(1) The company pays attention to and protects the interests of suppliers and achieves a win-win situation with suppliers

Maintaining a good strategic partnership with suppliers is the goal of the company's work in recent years. In order to effectively evaluate and select qualified suppliers, optimize the company's supply structure, improve the company's supply system, improve the supply level, ensure that the supplier's supply quality, price, production and delivery capacity can continue to meet the company's requirements, and can provide high-quality after-sales service , to ensure the company's normal production needs. The company has established and improved the supplier management system and supplier evaluation system, managed and updated supplier files in a timely manner, established a "Qualified Supplier List", organized supplier qualification assessment, and managed and assessed the business of qualified suppliers. , and add sample verification, supply quality management, etc. to the assessment scope.

The company also communicates with suppliers on issues commonly faced by the down and down products industry, and shares with suppliers the company's requirements for the supply chain and expectations for suppliers. The company adheres to the implementation of a fair and transparent procurement system, and adopts standardized and standardized procurement procedures when conducting business cooperation with suppliers. At the same time, based on the further improvement of the supplier evaluation system, the company keeps the complaint and communication channels open, creating a fair and efficient competitive environment for suppliers. The company resolutely puts an end to unfair trading behaviors that violate business ethics and market rules and affect fair competition, effectively maintain a fair and just trading environment, protect the legitimate interests of suppliers, and promote the company's sustainable, stable and healthy development.

Through the company website, general manager mailbox, forums and other means to strengthen the communication between the company and the employees, actively adopt the rationalization suggestions of the employees, enhance the cohesion of the company, and promote the harmonious and stable development of the company.

2. Establish and improve the salary and welfare system, and strengthen the salary incentive of employees. The company optimizes the salary plan and bonus plan according to the changes in the salary level of the company's location and the industry salary standard, so as to realize the adjustment of the employee's salary and the development of the company. The company strictly follows the principle of paying equal attention to distribution according to work and performance appraisal, provides employees with reasonable remuneration, and promotes the harmony and stability of labor relations. On the other hand, the company has established a comprehensive performance management system. Through the combination of regular assessment and irregular assessment, the assessment results are used as the basis for employee compensation and bonus distribution to encourage and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and stimulate employees' enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for work to ensure the healthy and stable development of the company.

(2) Intensify staff training and broaden staff development platform

The company attaches great importance to the quality education and technical training of employees, and organizes internal training for employees in a planned, selective and focused manner, and provides employees with a number of training programs of different professions and levels, such as company-level training, personnel-specific training, Business needs training, etc., through the combination of centralized face-to-face training and special training, deepen talent training and improve the overall quality of employees. The company attaches great importance to the talent reserve of management personnel, strengthens management training for grassroots, middle-level and senior management personnel, and continuously improves the employee training system and promotion platform. In addition, the company strengthens the construction of talent team, continuously improves the overall quality of employees, and ensures the smooth development of the work of various departments.

(3) Caring for employees and enhancing their sense of belonging

Continuously improve and perfect the internal management, protect the rights and interests of employees as much as possible, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. Over the past year, the company has made great efforts to improve the ideological and professional quality of young employees by vigorously carrying out various activities such as safety production, technical knowledge competition and labor competition. Adhere to people-oriented, innovative development, and timely mediate internal conflicts; establish various channels for employees to appeal, actively listen to employees' opinions and suggestions; strengthen system construction, vigorously create harmonious labor relations, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Carrying out "extremely needy assistance" activities to help employees in need, their children and their families; by investing in improving the living environment and cultural facilities of employees, it does good and practical things for employees. The company also attaches great importance to the welfare construction of employees, such as "March 8th", "Mid-Autumn Festival", "Spring Festival" and other traditional festivals, sending cordial SMS greetings to employees, distributing exquisite gifts and daily necessities, and expressing condolences and happiness to employees during festivals bless. The company actively carries out various cultural activities, organizes badminton competitions, employee associations, etc., which enriches the employees' spare time and promotes the harmonious development of the enterprise.

(4) Strengthen employees' awareness of production safety and effectively protect employees' labor safety

In terms of safety production, the company fully implements the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", strictly implements the safety management system, and has established a safety production leading group to be responsible for the management, supervision and publicity of the company's overall production and life safety. . The team formulates safety production management goals every year, and implements them from the company leadership to the workshop team leader at every level. Regularly carry out publicity, education and training on safety production, legal system, fire safety, traffic safety and other aspects for all employees, and organize at least one fire safety education and training, fire emergency evacuation drills and fire extinguisher fire hose field operation fire-fighting drills at least once a year, so that employees deeply understand The importance of safe production

5. Social Responsibility

(1) Operating with integrity and paying taxes according to law

Since the establishment of the company, the company has continuously established and improved various rules and management systems, supported national policies, actively fulfilled corporate social responsibilities, adhered to standardized and honest operations, and actively assumed and fulfilled statutory tax obligations. The company is a key tax-paying enterprise in Tongcheng City, which strongly supports the national and local fiscal taxation, and promotes and drives the development of its own and local economy. The company continues to expand the scale of recruitment, strives to create employment opportunities for local residents, and makes due contributions to the improvement of people's lives, so that the society can share the development results of the company.

(2) Social welfare

The company takes the initiative to undertake social responsibilities, comprehensively carries out public welfare support, and calls on all employees to actively participate in public welfare and charitable undertakings such as voluntary blood donation, assistance and volunteer services, and promote the positive energy of society. The company carried out the "Love Donation" activity to help the sick and impoverished employees out of the predicament; actively participated in the "Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundred Villages" poverty alleviation campaign in Tongcheng City, and donated 100,000 yuan each year. The company was awarded the honorary title of an advanced unit in the city's "Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundred Villages" poverty alleviation campaign.


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